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Why Bamboo Towels?

Bamboo towels are fantastically soft, as well as extremely durable, and they also resist piling and shrinkage. As our bamboo towels are so soft and absorbent, there's no need to rub your skin and cause irritation. They're a great alternative if you suffer from allergies or are sensitive to fabrics that are synthetic. These lightweight towels are made with 100-percent bamboo lyocell, with a waffle texture that draws moisture into the base layer of the towel, making them more absorbent than regular towels. They're also hypoallergenic and free from harmful chemicals.


How long do bamboo towels last?

Bamboo viscose outperforms other fabrics in many ways, and one noticeable difference is the longevity of the material. Bamboo fabric can last a decade, or even longer if it's well taken care of.


Are bamboo towels antifungal?

Bamboo towels are beautifully soft on the skin, but they also provide many other hidden benefits. With their natural antibacterial, anti-fungal, and hypoallergenic properties, eco-bamboo towels provide an effective drying option for those with sensitive skin.


How do you wash bamboo towels?

The best way to care for your bamboo linen is to wash it in warm water on a gentle cycle. Hot water should not be used because high temperatures can shrink the fabric. You should use mild detergent, but not bleach or fabric softener. Fabric softeners can damage the properties of your bamboo towels.


Can you put bamboo towels in the dryer?

You can also put your bamboo towels in the dryer but on the lowest heat setting. We recommend you take them out immediately when they are dry, otherwise, they will overheat in the dryer and become stiff.


Is bamboo towel good for the skin?

Skin protection: These towels are ideal for daily use as they have been strategically designed for everyone's needs. Bamboo adds natural antimicrobial qualities; making our towels superior for sensitive skin and allergies. Because of these properties, they resist fungus, even in humid environments.


Are bamboo towels better for your hair?

What do bamboo towels do for my hair? Dries your hair up to 40% faster. Less heat on your hair means healthier hair. Natural anti-static properties result in less frizz.


Do bamboo towels absorb water?

If you love our Bamboo towels as much as we do, you'll appreciate their wonderful qualities; there really is nothing better than a bamboo towel after a bath or shower! They are super absorbent (four times more so than cotton), and with one soft pat of the towel, you're dry really quickly.


Are bamboo towels good for acne?

This naturally soft and lightweight organic fabric provides gentle cleansing and exfoliation that is great for sensitive skin. Exfoliation is key to clean skin and a healthy complexion and a bamboo face towel help remove dead skin cells and another build-up that leads to clogged pores, resulting in fewer breakouts.


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